Material Handling

More information about our activities.
Basa Gostar monopolizes and purchases petroleum products directly from Turkmenistan, Russia and Kazakhstan refineries. This privilege gives an especial chance to this company to supply and render all kind of petroleum products like petrol, oil, Gas oil and LPG at reasonable prices in northern ports of Iran and port of Bandar Abbas.

Petroleum Products:

Petroleum products are deliverable in 2700 and 4750 MT cargoes in Northern ports of Iran, Bandar Anzali, Noshahr and Neka.

Basa Gostar Company:

In addition to these facilities, Basa Gostar Company, owning Sadra depot in Neka is able to load the products gradually (in several portions) in this port.

About Transportation:

Extended facilities and abilities of the Basa Gostar Company in marine, terrene and railroad transportation and swapping shipments gives the chance of accelerating shipment of oil products at low prices.